Saturday, 11 February 2012

Come and Join Us!

It's today! 
I've made the cakes .....

and I've dug out and ironed my summer frock.  Tell me - whose silly idea was it to wear a summer frock in February?  Oh, that'd be me then.  Still, with my vintage-y cardie over the top, no-one will know that I'm wearing a long-sleeved thermal vest underneath.  Although there's no disguising the thick tights and boots.   Classy.
 Or maybe, instead of the cardie, I'll wear the charity shop denim jacket I finished 'embellishing' this morning?
Now,  we just have to hope that someone turns up!

Come And Join Us - err The Salvation Army?


  1. Well done all, great exhibtion,
    your frock looked fab.

  2. The exhibition was wonderful, also the cakes! Didn't get a chance to say hello as so many people there - your outfit looked lovely.

  3. What a party! Everything was perfect and you looked gorgeous!

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition, tea and cakes. It is always nice to meet the face behind the blog. Congratulations on a totally successful event and making sales.