Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I'm writing this from my sick bay - I am full of germ and aches and had to cancel a shopping trip today, so I MUST feel rough.  And, I didn't get up until about a 12.30, which is most unlike me.  Anyway, enough moaning, a brief word about what I've been doing this week before I was struck down.
I went on a girls night at MANICS - no, it's not a nightclub - it's a china painting shop (much more fun and you don't have to teeter about in ridiculous heels and a boob tube)  You choose a piece of once-fired pottery, paint your design, and then leave it to be glazed and re-fired and collect it a couple of days later.  It was really good fun and I'll do it again.  Here's what I did (predictably)
Or, if I'm feeling delicate and ladylike, I can turn it around -
On Friday, ignoring a slightly sore throat, I did a 7 or 8 mile walk on Friday around Much Hadham, Perry Green and Widford, including through Henry Moore's garden
Actually, it wasn't supposed to take us THROUGH the garden, we were supposed to skirt round it, but my map reading left a bit to be desired.  The groundsmen were very nice though, and didn't have us done for trespassing, and even pointed us in the right direction.

The walk took longer than we anticipated, not least because the book I was going by was published about 20 years ago, meaning that one of the pubs referred to is now a private residence, so we missed it, and then one of the footpaths had been diverted and it took us ages to find our way back to where we should be.  Then finally, one of the fields we were due to cross had horses in it.  I'm fine with them, but my friend confided that she doesn't do horses, so we had to do barbed wire instead.  We both decided 'under' was probably preferable to 'over' so we had to lie flat on our backs and wriggle under the fence, which is difficult when you can't stop laughing.  Needless to say, there are no photographs of that bit.  Anyway, we got back safely, and had tea and cake at Hopleys Garden Centre.  
Which only left me about an hour and a half to get home, shower and change and go out again for a gig at the Corn Exchange in Hertford - Whole Lotta Led, who were brilliant as always, and if you are a Led Zep fan I recommend you check them out.
Yesterday, I helped out with Young Embroiderers', and under Gina's  excellent tutorage, we all made 'Button Babes'.  See Gina's blog for photographs of all the wonderful work the Young Embroiderers produced, but here's what one Old Embroiderer came up with.

I just hope I didn't give them all my germs.  Must go, I need another hundredweight of tissues and another lie down.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Small Faces


  1. Get well soon , thats what you get
    for being so actibe... walking indeed , whatever next. Seriously feel better.

  2. that should have read active
    good pot painting by the way.

  3. Your jug is really lovely ,and so useful ,as a milk jug ,cream jug for your strawberry teas ,or even with some flowers as a table centre,as ever the walk sounded fun barbed wire and all hee hee ,,hope you are feeling all better now Jan xx

  4. Okay... don't you ever say anything about my navigation skills ever again!!!
    Like the jug... hope you feel better soon...
    and I'll let you know if we all go down with the lurgy!

  5. I've always wanted to go to one of those painting parlours! love the jug. Maybe it is time to renew your walking book? The thought of the pub not being there is sterssful!
    thanks for visiting my blogette. Fun at Gina's wasn't it? I just wish she wouled move nearer! Moira

  6. Hope you get better soon,Lovely jug, so you.

  7. I do hope you are feeling better!! Henry Moore's garden...lucky you, it looks fantastic.

  8. Sorry your feeling poorly, get better soon. Your jug is lovely.

  9. the jug is great - very professional.
    hope you stopped at the hoops pub on your walk to make it worthwhile.
    hope you are now feeling better