Friday, 29 April 2011

White Wedding

I've found the answer to a smaller waist and a flat tum - no dieting or exercise required.  Gina, Pam and I went to an exhibition of corsets at Hitchin Museum yesterday, and they had some that you could try on.  With some assistance I got mine done up (it fitted marginally better once I realised I'd had it on back to front to start with.  Apart from the trimmer figure, I think it would make you stand and walk straighter, and probably move more gracefully.
There were some pretty wild claims for the health benefits of corset-wearing in the old adverts displayed.  Apparently they cured rheumatism, gout, brain fag(?!?) lethargy and digestion.  Obviously Advertising Standards weren't around then.
There were some pretty ones too, I particularly liked these

Maybe I'll make one.

Changing the subject just a bit, I don't know whether you'll have heard or not, but there's going to be a wedding today.
Incidentally, do you know how to work out your 'Royal' name.  It's the name of your Nan or Grandad, with the name of your first pet, and then the street you grew up on.  So mine is Gladys Bunty-St Leonard.  And my sister is Violet Snowball-St Leonard.  Let me know what yours is (oh come ON, don't pretend you haven't just worked it out!)

I'm neither pro- or anti-Royalist.  They are just there, and I don't mind.  They provide a little entertainment from time to time, some of them work hard, some of them wear or say odd things, but generally they don't interfere with me and I don't interfere with them.  And I'm not sure that getting rid of them, to replace them with someone else, would necessarily be an improvement.
So, although I didn't feel the need to throw a street party, or hang out bunting, or camp out in Parliament Square for a week - which would probably entail all the bad points of Glastonbury, but with none of the good -  I will watch it on the box, and I'll be interested in the frock, and I really hope it doesn't rain - as much for the bride's sake, as for the fact I've just hung some washing out.

This evening though, I will be going to see a Sex Pistols tribute band.  It's all about balance.

White Wedding - Billy Idol


  1. I totally love corsets!! Such a great cheat to a slim waist :)

  2. I wasn't sure I was bothered very much about the wedding but we sat and watched it all from start to finish and I thought it was lovely! It the stuff we British do best! Not sure there will be a picture of me (Lady Annie Barney-Hooper if you must know)in my corset! Enjoy the concert this evening.

  3. Lady Jessie Petrie Pooch of Trenchard here! (Strangely enough I've tried this on my blog too..)
    Loved the corset!

  4. Lord Bannister Tortoise-Sutton at you service m'am. Had to up my blood pressure tablets after the shock with the corset!!

  5. Hello from Lady Sarah Beauty-Abercorn!! I loved the wedding...I want them to do it every day!!

  6. who would of thought you would have a post called white wedding!

  7. My Nan used to wear corsets, she lived with us and I remember being very embarrassed when they were hanging on the washing line next to her bloomers! I'll take my Royal name from her (Lady)Ethel Abbey Stanley-North.
    I should say that her corsets weren't as sexy as those in your photo's.

  8. What fun! Too bad they aren't still fashionable so I could eat more cake.
    I especially like the reddish one. Wish I could see this exhibition.

  9. Corsets are very fashionable at the moment !

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