Friday, 15 April 2011

Never Again!

I have just wasted three hours of my life.  I talked my poor friend Jill into coming to see a production of "The Birthday Party" by Harold Pinter at a local theatre.  

The evening didn't start well - we had deliberately arrived in good time so we could have a look at an art exhibition displayed there.  It had apparently been massively over-subscribed with entries and consequently, we were told that everything was of a very high standard.  Now, I accept that everyone has different tastes, and you can't expect to like all the pieces in an exhibition - but to be honest I'd have been hard pushed to find anything that I'd want as a gift.  Of particular note were two cheap 9" canvases liberally smeared with thick nasty green and mustard paint.  It wasn't even skillfully smeared. I can only think that whoever judged the entries sees things differently to me.

When I say I wasted three hours, I suppose that's a slight exaggeration. After all, I enjoyed the walk down into town and back, and the lemonade I had during the interval was very, er,  lemony.
But I'm afraid to say the play was absolutely dire - I had no idea what it was about;  before, during or after the performance (and neither had Jill - and she's got a degree and everything!) so I came back and read up about it on t'interweb, and I'm still none the wiser. 

The best bit was when two women in the audience, who had clearly been partaking of something considerably stronger than lemonade, decided they've had enough of the play, and stumbled up out of the auditorium, tripping and giggling, and then you could hear the click-clack of their heels as they clattered all the way along one aisle and back, and then all the way down another aisle, in an attempt to make good their escape.
No, that's definitely enough of the highbrow stuff for me, I'm sticking to loud rock'n' roll from now on.

I'd intended to report about the other stuff I've been doing, with pictures of things I've made, but to be honest, after tonight, I feel completely underwhelmed.

"NEVER AGAIN" - yeah, I know it's Nickleback, but after tonight, even THEY don't seem so bad.


  1. Oh dear... mental note to self not to take you to the theatre. You should have come to the E.G. Angie Hughes was very entertaining and the food was fabulous! (Well the cheesecake was good!!!)

  2. Fancy wasting time going to the theatre, should have spent it in your shedio,much more fun