Thursday, 19 May 2011

Paperback Writer

Tonight, Matthew, I am going to be Barbara Cartland.

As reported in the local press, there is to be a charity event in Hertford this evening, where I and some other barmy volunteers will be wearing some of Barbara's frocks.
I will try and ensure someone gets some photographic evidence, and if it's not TOO hideous, I'll post it here tomorrow.  Obviously, I may just wish to draw a veil over the whole thing.
Of course, if you are near the Corn Exchange in Hertford yourself this evening, you may wish to come and see for yourself!
Anyone remember how to put false eyelashes on???

Paperback Writer - Beatles


  1. I'm talking to our local WI tonight... otherwise I would have been there... I could do with a good laugh. Have missed you the past couple of weeks!

  2. Can't wait to see the pics. Glad your feeling better.

  3. where ... my train timetable ... gotta see this! lol!!!!!!!!

    ok ... so probably won't make it .. so WE DO NEED PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for starting my day off right

  4. This will be amazing I hope the local dogs home have a spare pekingese!
    I will try and pop in, but those photo's will be priceless.

  5. How I wish ,I could be there to see this ,but sigh ...look forward to your pix..I actually met her ,and she was as you would expect larger than life shall we PINK love Jan xx