Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Winner Takes It All!

Being a bit of a cheapskate, I was only intending to award one prize, but the lady who made the closest guess, wasn't able to leave a comment on the blog and sent me an email instead, so I thought you might think it was a fix and that there wasn't a prize at all! So, taking that into account, and the fact that there is only a mile or two between the guesses in 2nd and 3rd place, and the fact that it is the season of goodwill (Bah, Humbug) I have decided to award not one, not two, but THREE prizes.
Ok don't get too excited, it'll only be something I've thrown together, but be grateful for small mercies, they have been produced in my sewing room, and not in my kitchen. 
And the winner is.... or in fact, the winners are ...

In third place is Nellie's Niceties - 23.7 miles
In 2nd place is Love Stitching Red - 21.7 miles
and in 1st place is Pat, who sent me the email guessing at Leyton Orient - 15.6 miles

The photo was taken from the window of my office in West Hendon, looking out over the North Circular at about 6.30 one morning a few weeks ago. But then how could you possibly know that?
If you email me your addresses girls, I'll post your prizes off this week.  

Winner Takes It All - ABBA


  1. Ha! And there was me thinking it was probably somewhere exotic like Bali and that I was thousands of miles out! Well done the winners.

  2. Hurrah! I have won something! Hurrah!
    Thank you dear :o)