Sunday, 19 December 2010

She's a Saint Not a Celebrity

I had a call on Friday night, saying that as it was snowing and icy in London, Saturday's match at Leyton Orient was postponed, which meant I could have the day off.  (I can't tell you how delighted I was - I had so many things that needed doing and I just love an unexpected day at home.) In the morning, I thought maybe they'd been a bit premature, because the view from my kitchen window looked like this at sunrise - and it seemed like it was going to be a nice day.
But the weather forecasters had obviously got it right, because just a few hours, and about three inches of snow later,  it looked like this ...
so they obviously DID make the right decision.  Anyway, it meant that I could spend the day sewing, pretty much as I have done today too, so I've got more things finished that I thought I would and for once, EVERYTHING on my 'to do' list is done!
I felt a bit sorry for the birds this morning, particularly the robin and the blue tit that were pecking away at the fat balls which must have been frozen solid, so I brought them in and warmed them up with my hairdryer.  No, you fools, not the birds - the fat balls.   I thought if they were a bit softer it wouldn't be so tough on their little beaks.  I also re-filled the nut feeder for the third time this week., and I'm beginning to suspect I'm the only person in the Home Counties who's putting food out for the birds, given the rate they get through them.  Turning into a proper little Mother Teresa aren't I?
My own personal nomination for sainthood goes this week to Gina who not only gave me a jar of  her homemade Clementine Curd when I met up with her on Wednesday, but also carried it around for the rest of the day because it was too big to fit in my handbag!  
I just treated myself to some of it on hot toast, as a reward for venturing outside to clean the snow off my car  in preparation for work tomorrow, until my hands ached with the cold,  and I am able to say that it is absolutely delicious.  Gina's written on the little label that it needs to be eaten by 13th January - I don't think she needs to have any worries on that score.
Incidentally, we met up to visit the Barbican Gallery to see the exhibition Future Beauty - 30 Years of Japanese Fashion which was fascinating - Gina has done a really good post about it here.

PS Does anyone know of a UK stockist of 'WonderFil' threads?  I bought some WonderFil metallic threads at the Chilford Quilt Festival, and it's absolutely brilliant.  I've used a whole reel, and it didn't break or shred once!  I've searched on the internet, and emailed the company but they couldn't tell me of any UK stockists - but there must be one, because I bought the threads from them. 

She's A Saint Not A Celebrity - The Foxboro Hot Tubs


  1. football cancelled??? wish ours had been, they were awful!! Hope you have a wonderful christmas!! (not working I hope)

  2. Crikey... sainthood??? Mind you, I've been feeding the birds too...

    So after our wonderful inspiring day have you converted an old suit jacket yet... no, me neither!