Friday, 3 December 2010


I've not been very good at this blogging business recently have I?  It's taken longer than I expected to settle back to real life since my trip - not that I'm fed up or anything, far from it - I've just remained in a relaxed holiday state of mind, and can't seem to rush about doing much.  I'd love to tell you that I've finished all my Christmas shopping, written all my cards, made my Christmas puddings and iced the cake, but it would be untrue, and as for the last two - I just know that most of you would accuse me of being a bare-faced liar.  I have made a few Christmas cards, and quite a lot of lists, but that's as far as it's gone.  
Anyway, this extended holiday blog has gone on for quite long enough, so this will be the final one. (I can almost hear your collective sighs of relief.  It's rather picture-heavy so bare with me. 
Sydney was brilliant - the highlight of the trip for me - we had a guided tour of the Opera House
We walked across the bridge
(not over the top I hasten to add, but you get just as good a view from the stone towers,

We went up the Sky Tower
took a ferry trip to Manly Beach, 
 and had a bus ride to Bondi Beach
Then it was off on the train to Melbourne (yes the train - it takes 12 hours but none of that messing about at airports, you get to see the scenery AND you can walk about.  I'd recommend it.)
We had a trip on the Murray river 
Apparently it's the most flooded it's been since my parents went about 15 years ago - looks like we should be used as 'Drought-Busters'
In Melbourne itself we went up more tall buildings
Explored the shops - I loved this one
and this caught my eye - my initials are GAL (the rest of the word GALLERY went round the corner)
and admired the graffitti. 
Oh, and lay on the floor of a Museum to take a photo of the fantastic stained glass ceiling

Then we fly off to Bali for the last few days of our trip - it was very very hot, and very beautiful - this was the view from our balcony
and this was the walk to breakfast
and this is the view from our breakfast table
As we were only there for three days, I'm afraid to say that we barely left the hotel grounds, but  I'd definitely like to go back there for a longer visit and explore the island.
Anyway, now the holiday posts have finally come to an end, here's the giveaway competition I promised - you just have to say where you think this beautiful sunrise photo was taken.  The person who makes the closest guess wins - something pretty and heart-shaped.
Sydney - by 'Puddle of Mudd'


  1. Blimey... don't make it an easy giveaway! I'm tempted to say "Baldock" just for the hell of it but I guess that might not be very close?

  2. I'm hoping that this is a UK sunset. It is gorgeous!Possibly motorway lights on the horizon but no actual idea where. As your profile says your from from Hertford I'll go with there :)

  3. Melbourne! Actually, I have no idea :(

  4. Hmmm, now what would get you up at sunrise...? Uluru? An airport? Motorway services? (Just spreading my bet!)

  5. Oops just noticed it was sunrise not sunset ;)

  6. Luton airport (I'm thinking Lorraine Chase) or Gatwick airport if I'm allowed a couple of guesses ... probably Heathrow if you went to Australia ...

    I've been bad at blogging too. Too many blog challenges and deadlines to meet. Hardly blogged myself ... never mind visit anyone elses!!!!

    Hopt to put that right in the new year!

    Lots of love
    ps. a little something is winging it's way to you dear x

  7. Just found your blog and dropped in to say hello. Interesting comp you have going. It says Sydney at the bottom of the Puddle and Mudd. So that's as close as I can get I'm afraid with out doing extensive research :D. Have fun!!


  8. Ayres Rock!! and it's not just you except I tend to bang my head against the window as opposed to throwing myself out of it!!