Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Quick catch up.

This is going to be a short catch-up as I've been having problems with my internet connection, hence the delay in posting. 
I was walking past a charity shop last Thursday evening, when I spotted a lovely treasure in the window.  Sadly the shop was shut, but I made a note of the phone number, as I knew I wouldn't be able to get there the following day.  I rang the shop the following morning and they kindly agreed to save it for me, so on Saturday morning I was up bright and early and drove over to the shop, and now it's mine!
The reason I couldn't get to the shop on Friday was because I had a day out with my little sister at the Textiles in Focus show at Cottenham, near Cambridge.  It's a really lovely show, not on the scale of Ally Pally or Harrogate but very friendly and one of my favorites.   Small, but perfectly formed, as they say.  I'll be posting more pictures from the exhibitions on Art Van Go's blog just as soon as I get time, but in the meantime, I particularly liked this work by Vanda Campbell of the MESCH Contemporary Art Textiles group.

It was part of a series, combining watercolours, metalwork and textiles.  All very delicate, yet vibrant.  And , apparently, she taught herself to crochet to make these pieces.  I must say, she seems to have had much more success than I did, when I tried to learn to crochet in order to make myself a hat.  (it's still pending)

On Saturday, on my way back from collecting my aforementioned treasure, I stopped off for a few bits at the shops, and bought these tulips.  And, as the sun was shining through the kitchen window for what seems like the first time in years, I took a photograph.  (I must admit that I had to clean the window first, though)

I would say, maybe Spring is on the way - but as it rained all day on Sunday and has snowed several times since, I don't want to jump the gun.

PS - What about this little beauty my sister found in her bag of potatoes - I think her husband thought she was barmy when she rushed to take a picture of it.


 It almost makes me want to start eating vegetables.


  1. You appear to have eaten all your cakes... the plate is empty??? (But very pretty) I loved those pieces by Vanda Campbell too!

  2. Your cake stand is very pretty, I think you should make some pretty cup cakes to put on it though.
    Your window scene would make a very nice post card.
    As for the potato I think it speaks for itself.

  3. I am so jealous, I set out on Sunday to go to Cottingham but it was snowing heavily and after we passed the third accident, we turned round and went home. Hurry up and post more pics so that I can see what I missed :)

  4. How lovely....The cake stand is delightful ,is the doily yours or did it come with it ? Janxx

  5. May I draw your attention to the following?

  6. Just a thimbleful...

    It was nice meeting you at Cottenham and I'm glad you liked Vanda's work - we thought it was great, too.

  7. The first time I've ever thought a vegetable looked beautiful! Love your red and white spotty chinaware and the piece by Vanda Campbell. Thank you for introducing her work. Yes, still on for the heart swap ... so sorry I haven't emailed yet ... but I will and get it arranged. So glad you still want to! Lovely!

    C xoxo