Sunday, 14 February 2010

A non-Valentines parcel.

This huge parcel arrived earlier this week.

Obviously, I knew it wasn't an early Valentine present.  (No, none at all, seeing as you asked.)
Believe it or not, I couldn't think what it was.  But I soon realised ....

It was very well packaged, in swathes of big bubble wrap....

It's my lovely mugs, that I was lucky enough to win, courtesy of  DogDaisyChains
Aren't they beautiful.  Thank you again, Jackie, you are welcome for a cup of tea anytime you're passing!
On Friday afternoon,Val and I went to The Handweavers Studio in Seven Sisters Road.

They used to be in Walthamstow, but have moved (under new ownership, I think) to Holloway, just a stone's throw from Finsbury Park Station.  If you are interested in anything textile-y it's well worth a visit.  Lots of things to look at, even if (like me) you are not a weaver.  There are lots of books and magazines on knitting, felting, textiles and, obviously, weaving.  Loads of different yarns - wool, cotton, sparkley lurex, etc at very reasonable prices and beautifully displayed ....

 and also a million shades of merino wool for felting. 

So, having left there, we noticed that opposite is a shop selling shopfitting and display stuff.  As Val has been looking for something to display hats on her stall, we called in and asked the men behind the counter if they had any heads.  They had several, and Val ended up buying a large, long necked polystyrene lady on which to put a hat.  We managed to get the chaps behind the counter to put her in a black bin liner to make her easier to carry. (The head, not Val, obviously)  It wasn't very heavy, but it was a bit awkward and Val didn't want anyone banging into it in case she dented.  She was immediately christened 'Alfredo' (as in 'Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia')  We stopped for lunch, tucking Alfredo down by the side of our table while we had coffees and lunch.   Needless to say, when we left, the inevitable happened, and several hundred yards, and one or two charity shops later, Val stopped and said "Oh no, I've left Alfredo!"  We ran walked quickly back to the cafe and said to the waitress "did you find a black bin liner with a head in it?" which seemed to cause a bit of consternation amongst the other diners.  Anyway, they had found it and we got it back, thanked them very much and carried on with wandering.  About an hour later, I was buying a couple of bits and pieces in Rolls and Rems (another good reason for going to Seven Sisters Road) , and on getting my purse out of my handbag, it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't paid for our lunch!   Another brisk walk back, and into the cafe for a third time to pay the bill.  The girls who served us didn't seem at all bothered.  I guess it isn't their cafe, and it's not their money.  Anyway, we got home, having paid for and arrived home with, everything we should.


  1. Will it be safe going out with you two in March?

  2. Ooooh, just like a sweetie shop with all those fibres and wool. And what an adventure with the severed head!

  3. Oh ! that lovely shop ,bet you thought you had died and gone to heaven lol Jan xx

  4. You really shouldn't go out without full supervision!

  5. Just a thimbleful....

    AHA, now I know who you are !!!

    When I got married all my kitchen ware was Cornish Blue, how nice to see it in different colours ! I must try and get to the Handweavers - it looks just as tempting as Art van Go!

  6. You do have some grand days out don't you? I am drooling over taht thread shop.
    Glad you like the mugs.

  7. I dare you to have a cup of tea out of one of those mugs!! and I'm still jealous!!

  8. That reminds me... have you been watching the Monty Don craft progs on Friday nights? The one last week about weaving was really good and quite emotional. I am going to see if I can do an evening class round the corner.