Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Another one down, two to go!

I've been to City and Guilds today and had the second of my four projects assessed and verified!  The project was for a 3D functional item, and I decided to make a cushion.  Following on from my design work on shape, which, naturally enough, was based on hearts (no surprise there, then) I had been looking at tattoo designs incorporating hearts.  Following a chance remark made by a friend, (whilst we were discussing my total inability to turn down demands on my all-too-precious time) I decided to base my design on a heart shaped emblem with the motto "Just Say No!"   I'd originally intended to make the cushion from denim or black velvet, but when my sis saw the emblem, she said it looked as if it should be on the back of a leather jacket, so I changed my choice of fabric and made the cushion from imitation leather. 

The heart is machine felted merino top onto felt, the wings are made from Angelina, and the banner is free machined onto watersoluble fabric in granite stitch. 
I realise the cushion isn't to everyone's taste, but it is very me!   More Rock than Vintage I guess.

Incidentally, while we were at C&G today, my lovely friend Pam was having trouble changing her needle as the screw that holds it in place had clearly been tightened by the same bloke who puts the lids on jam jars.  She asked me if I could do it (I couldn't) so our teacher Gina volunteered to have a go.  While she made an unsuccessful attempt, Pammie had popped round the other side of the dividing wall, to the shop.  In the meantime, I remembered that I'd got a pair of pliers in my needlework box (who doesn't?) so gave them to Gina who was then able to undo the screw and remove the needle.  I told her not to tell Pam about the pliers, and to say that she'd done it with her teeth.  I then said in a voice loud enough for Pam to hear "Careful Gina, you'll get your head stuck!"  Pam came back in and asked what had happened and was terribly concerned when Gina said she had undone it with her teeth, saying "Oh no, you shouldn't have done that, the machine's still switched on, you could have been electrocuted! 
See, all that Health and Safety Training wasn't wasted.

PS I've just posted the photographs I took at Textiles in Focus on ArtVanGo's blog


  1. hope this comment comes out alright, I can't see what I'm typing for tears of laughter! Hope Gina's still got all her teeth ....

    And, of course, I love your tattoo heart cushion.

  2. I love love love that cushion!!!! I thought I was going to wet myself laughing when I saw Pam's face yesterday. Do you think this is suitable behaviour from your teacher?

  3. I love the cushion ,but oh' you are awful' hee hee ,'but I like you ' Jan xx

  4. Isn't it a good job Gina has got all her teeth and they aren't false ones :-)
    Can we send Gina to the naughty chair ?
    Your cushion is fabulous.

  5. I really love the cushion, hope Pam has forgiven you and Gina for worrying her!

  6. God, I wish I was in your class!

    Love the rock cushion, lovely x

  7. love the cushion very you
    did you like your bag