Saturday, 15 August 2009

Oh no!!! Pink Snow?

Do you not get little pink flurries of snow where you are then? Ok, so not really snow. Got up and decided to do a pink wash - towels and my chenille throw (being as the lounge is now all decorated). At the last minute, chucked in a couple of those pretty pink decorated dishcloths - you know, the ones like posh J cloths? An hour later when I took the washing out masses of pink fluffy stuff (much worse than a tissue left in the pocket) came out of the machine. Took everything outside in the garden and shook it, cursing the fact that I'd bunged the dishcloths in (although I'm sure I remember washing them before). Fluff wouldn't come off everything so hung it on the line to see if it'd be easier once dry. Both dishcloths seemed to be intact. Funny? At that point I checked the label on the chenille throw. Might have been a good idea to do that BEFORE I put it in the machine. Dry Clean Only. Oh well, it looks more vintage-y now it's kind of thread bare, with tangled tassels.
So if any of my neighbours saw me vacuuming the back steps - no I haven't suddenly come over all 'Aggie'. Actually, I didn't hoover it all up, which means the birds around here can have pink fluffy lined nests. Which is as it should be.
At that point I remembered that just before I took the washing out of the machine, I'd put some toast under the grill. Oh no! Fortunately though, I'd forgotten to switch the grill on.
I'd put my name down for a place at the Home for the Bewildered - but I can't remember what it is.


  1. Only you would get pink fluff but where are all the hearts?

  2. It comes to us all. Let me know which
    home for the bewildered you go to and I'll join you. Who are you again?

  3. Really worried that I am related to you, but you probably don't remember that I am so I should be ok.

  4. Brilliant!
    Yet also rather stupid...
    Though, saying that I would have stuck the throw in the machine myself too as I think all this DCO stuff is rubbish. Except in this case of course!

  5. Should I be laughing this much? Do I know you?