Thursday, 20 August 2009

No rest for the wicked

Had a busy week so far - although lots of nice things. Worked a long day on Monday, and Tuesday morning, then off to Essendon to the first day of a painting summer school with Christine Spence, where we spent the day in her lovely studio, practising mixing a wide variety of 'greens' in preparation for our day of painting on location. From there I drove straight to my other job, at Leyton Orient. (lost 2-1 to Charlton)
On Tuesday, the second day of the summer school, we all met up at Benington Lordship, a beautiful Georgian manor house, with the remains of a Norman Castle. (None of us knew that yesterday, I just looked it up). I steered clear of most of the greens as I intended just to sketch, and I picked my subject according to where the sun was shining I'm afraid. So I spent the morning here, looking towards the house - plenty of practise for perspective And here is my rendition .....

Then we had a picnic lunch, and then a wander around to choose my next subject. I quite fancied doing a bit of the old castle -whilst still sitting in the sunshine, obviously - I so decided to have a go at this. (That's my friend Jill choosing her view - bet she doesn't know I took this)
And this time, having sketched it, I decided to put a bit of colour on it. Not sure either of them will ever grow up to be paintings, but it was a lovely relaxing day.

Then in the evening I went to see Slumdog Millionaire. Good film, although don't try and read the (occasional) subtitles unless you've got binoculars AND 20:20 vision. It seemed to be a fairly 'mature' audience and there was quite a lot of loud whispering with people saying they couldn't read them. Quite a few differences to the book , Q&A by Vikas Swarup, but I don't think that mattered.
Have spent this morning putting my books back on the newly erected and painted shelves. Don't tell anyone, but there's now a little bit of space for some more. Good job I'm off to the Quilt Show at the NEC this weekend then.


  1. Fab drawings! You've kept quiet about that artistic talent!

  2. What a talent - to be able to draw like that. Hiding your light under a bushel eh! You ought to frame them.
    I really like the one with just a little colour. Have a good time at Quilts.Told Kev you were going.
    Talk soon

  3. Thank you all for your kind comments (you can't see all the rubbings out!)

  4. your drawings are fabulous!