Saturday, 23 December 2017


Unlike some people who make life difficult for themselves by committing to write a post for everyday of December, I have barely managed one!  So, here it is.
Earlier this week I made a Christmas wreath ....
Not my typical style - all very natural and rustic - not a sparkly bauble or ribbon or glitter in sight, but I was very pleased with it. I didn't have anything on the door that I could hang it from though, and I don't have the kind of door which takes one of those purpose-built metal wreath-hanging things, so I went to the Pound shop and bought a plastic suction lever hook.  
That lasted for about a day, before a clattering at the front door revealed that one hook wasn't man enough for the job.
Not to be defeated, I hastened back the next day and bought another two hooks and lined them all up next to one another, in the hope that if one fell off there would still be two more.  A kind of 'belt and braces - and then another belt' idea.  Anyway, so far its stayed put.  
My other 'handmades' this month have all been made by other people - the first is Harold the Hare from Flint Cottage who were at Thornham Christmas craft fair.  He's made from recycled wood and painted lavender grey on one side and left natural on the other.  Check out their instagram page HERE for other designs

He's going to sit in my window, but I've photographed him in front of my tree - just to prove that I am fully entering into the spirit of the festivities. 
Then I helped out a friend at the Blackthorpe Barns Christmas Fair.  I didn't seem to do very much 'assisting', but I did quite a lot of 'acquiring'.
I bought this wonderful handknitted and natural dyed cotton jumper by Jacki of Island Knitwear 

How's this for coincidence - I first met Jackie at a garden show at Capel Manor, Enfield about 25 years ago when I was married and living in Woodford. I bought two jumpers from her then, a natural colour one which unfortunately I no longer have, and a denim blue one - now somewhat faded, but which I still love and wear. By chance, she happened to have the next table to my friend at Blackthorpe.  We swapped stories - I've divorced, she married, I moved to Hertford, she moved to Scotland, I moved to Norfolk, and she moved to Suffolk, and there we were - sitting next to one another at a craft fair.  Now, you don't get that if you shop at Primarni.

Then a beautiful and unique clock, made from recycled timber - an old fence post - and slate, made by a very talented man who makes them as a hobby (and doesn't have a website I'm afraid) 
I love this, it now stands in my hall on a secondhand sideboard I bought in Dersingham, amongst my Dad's turned wooden bowls, pots and apples.
And finally, a lovely stitched fabric picture from Sparetime that I bought at the Christmas Fair at Burnham Deepdale.
I haven't suddenly turned into a shopaholic - in fact, since I decided not to buy clothes and to make my own instead, I mostly avoid shopping - but it is lovely to have beautiful unique things that give me pleasure whenever I see them.  And I just totalled up what I spent - altogether my purchases add up to £160 - which equates to a quarter of a pair of the cheapest Jimmy Choos, or 134 packets of HobNobs, depending on how you measure your wealth.

I promise next time I'll return to 'handmade by me'

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wreath - Opeth   (For the uninitiated - including me until about five minutes ago - 'OPETH' is apparently a progressive death metal band from Sweden.  Check out the track - you'll find its  a great antidote to all the jolly Christmas music on the airwaves at the mo!)


  1. I can't think who you might be referring to! Your wreath is lovely as are your purchases. Thank you for your lovely long email... I will reply and will come to see you soon but tonight I am comatose on the sofa. The family descend tomorrow! I hope you have a very happy Christmas. Much love xxx

  2. The wreath looks great Gill - hope it's survived all the wind and rain. The hare turned out well. Hope you've had a good Christmas xx