Monday, 16 February 2015

No Title

This is going to be a quick round up of recent potterings.
The textile group I belong to, Spectrum, has an exhibition at Textiles in Focus at Cottenham, Cambridgeshire next week. It has the work that we exhibited at Art Van Go last year, but with new pieces of work too.  As my exhibits were all garments, I have made another dress, partly inspired by this Schiaparelli evening coat that I saw at the V&A

and then partly by this Game of Thrones costume, embroidered by Michelle Carragher.

Check out her work HERE - it's amazing.

I have to admit that my dress is nowhere near as beautiful or as intricate as either of these, but I'm still pleased with it.  This is where I would normally show you a photo, but as it was a last minute finish and I had to take it to our last meeting and leave it for the girls who are setting up the exhibition, and I forgot all about taking a photo, so I'll try to remember to take one at the exhibition.

I've also made a skirt to wear at the exhibition - if you've been reading this for a while, (and you don't get out much, or have little else to occupy your mind) - you might remember this dress
Obviously I can't wear it as it's in the exhibition, so I've made a skirt along similar lines to wear while I'm stewarding there next weekend.  It has similar 'newsprint' cut out dollies along the bottom, but this time with varied hairstyles, and just a touch of pink
I've also made a large knitting bag for bigger projects, using some great block printed elephant fabric, given to me by my 'world travelling' friend Lynn.  I've forgotten which of her very many travels this came from, but I'm guessing Africa.  And the handles were inherited from my dear sister Linda's sewing stash
And finally, my most recently completed knitting project, a second Miette cardigan - I love this pattern, even though it's snug and gives the impression that it may have shrunk in the wash. (It hasn't)
I've considered making a bigger size, but I like it as it is.
Excuse the photo - it's a bit of a murky day and the light is rubbish, but I wanted to get this post done.
It has mismatched buttons, as usual - I have so many buttons, again inherited from my lovely sister, and I like the idea of finding a set that don't match, but go together. 

Other than that, I did have a five walk around Littley Green last week with Lynne and Libby and afterwards we went into Braintree to see the EAST exhibition at Braintree Museum 
Libby is a member of EAST, and is one of the exhibitors, so it was lovely to see all of the work with her and to hear a little about the other artists and their work. 

Well that's it - short and sweet - hopefully I might even see some of you at Textiles in Focus next week x

No Title - Ten Years After   (a bit lacking in inspiration today)


  1. Looking forward to seeing you in your new outfit! Your new dress is lovely... I know because I've seen it!

  2. You tease! Looking forward to seeing it.

  3. Lovely photographs - looking forward to seeing your roses - hoping to pop in Friday.