Sunday, 18 January 2015

January Blues

Obviously the reason I've not been on here for a while is because I've been spending most of my time working out at the gym, running in preparation for the London Marathon, spring cleaning my flat from top to bottom, and practising the guitar.  
Yeah right.
If my New Year resolution had been to laze about on the sofa, watching TV and knitting, well I certainly achieved that for the first couple of weeks, mostly due to a dodgy back and nasty neuralgia. But following a successful trip to the magician who is my chiropractor, she's straightened my back out and I've been much more 'out and about' this week. Including a five mile walk around Sawbridgeworth with friends - also taking in the charity shops, the vintage/antiques barn and a huge slice of Victoria Sandwich.  
AND a similar distance yesterday morning, but without the cake.  I saw these snowdrops, which always make me think that Spring is on the way, even though it's probably not.
I only made one resolution - not to buy any new clothes.  I wanted to make it achievable, so I made it just for the month of Jan, but I haven't had the slightest wobble, so I intend to carry it on at least through Feb too.  I'm allowed to buy charity shop stuff, ideally for 'refashioning projects' and I can make things.  
I made this - my first Laurel top 
Not particularly seasonal but this was the last of this fabric in the shop and I didn't want to miss it - reminds me of Mary Quant daisies
I've also been trying to make roses to be stitched around the neck of dress that I've made for an exhibition at this year's Textiles in Focus. Not sure that they are really roses, but they are definitely flowers, so I'll settle for that.
Now I just need to crack on and make some more.

And finally, I'm looking forward to a new sketchbook arriving in the post. Yeah I know I've already got a million or so sketchbooks, but this is a special one, handmade using beautiful recycled papers. If you too have a sketchbook fetish, can I suggest you visit here

January Blues - Thaddeus Dale Johnson (actually I was spoilt for choice, it seems the whole world and his brother have written songs called 'January Blues' so maybe it's a be a real condition?


  1. Very Mary Quant... And I love the roses. Pleased you are feeling better. X

  2. Glad you have felt up to blogging - love all the colours. Have you worn your new brooch yet?

  3. That Laurel top looks wonderful! A perfect combo of fabric and pattern xxx