Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Stately Homes of England

OWOP Thursday, and I'm wearing my comic book skirt - previously blogged about here
I took a quick reflected selfie in my drawing room ....

Oh ok, that's a downright lie.  I went to Wrest Park in Bedfordshire today with my cousin. It was a bit chilly so, you'll be glad to hear, no more bare knees.
The house was splendid - designed in the style of a French chateau
and the gardens were lovely
But some of the planting led me to wonder - after the referendum, will the gardeners of England be ripping all the blue plants out of their patriotic planting schemes?
One last photo, for no other reason than the sun made a fleeting appearance, enabling me to briefly remove my denim jacket cardie, and because the planting matched my hair and boots.

The Stately Homes of England - Captain Sensible (or Noel Coward if that's more to your taste)

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  1. How very clever to have your hair match the planting scheme. I think that one might be my favourite skirt.