Saturday, 6 September 2014

Pull The Curtains

I'm taking part in this year's OWOP challenge, hosted by Handmade Jane in which participants agree to wear as many versions of a garment from just one pattern for a week. 

After much indecision, I've chosen to go with a self-drafted skirt pattern from my original skirt block which I made over 20 years ago when I did a pattern cutting class.  I may possibly have had to add a smidgeon to the side seams over the years, but the basic shape has stayed the same.  It's a very simple pattern, but it gives me an excuse to use some of the increasingly mad fabric that I've chosen recently.

I already had five versions of this skirt, and it was a simple matter to make another couple so I've got a different skirt everyday this week.
My first one uses a remnant of what I believe is 1950's barkcloth fabric, originally designed for curtains (I'm glad I'm not working anymore or I can guarantee someone would tell me to 'pull myself together').

I cut it out on Wednesday - and talk about making the most of the fabric I had - this is all that was left over, just a few fabric 'slivers'.

I machined it together the following day, and lined it with some heavy satin lining in an emerald green.  I've no idea where either of the fabrics came from, I believe I did buy the barkcloth online ages ago, but the lining is anybody's guess - it's not something I'd have bought so I must have inherited that somewhere down the line.  See, it pays never to throw anything out.
I handstiched the hem last night during 'Pointless' and I wore it today to our Embroiderers Guild meeting, so I was able to coerce someone to take a photo. 
The rest of the week, however,  may involve approaching complete strangers to assist.
Not sure what is going on with my face in the next pic - it looks like I'm getting fed up but I wasn't - must be the 'hands-on-hips' pose that does it.  I think I was just advising Gina how best to get back up after she had got down on the ground to take this one....

Anyway, one day down, six to go.

Pull The Curtains - Grandaddy


  1. I like your skirt. The print is nice and the white rose at the front... wonderful. Mema

  2. Last time I try to take arty photos of you! The skirt is lovely... Such a beautiful fabric and you looked very glamorous.