Saturday, 15 February 2014

Skinny Minnie

A bit of a giveaway today - but I think it's going to be of limited appeal.
A while ago I was given this fabulous pattern ..
and not only that, but the pattern was already pinned onto the fabric and cut out
It's all ready to sew, apart from the armhole facings.  The pattern pieces are there, but are not pinned on, and there is enough spare fabric to cut them out.  The fabric feels lovely and silky and I should imagine it's an original vintage rayon.  The only problem is the size - its a 12, and not only that but a vintage 12, so the measurements on the envelope say Bust 30" Waist 25" Hip 33".
Bust 30" - that's about the same as my waist!  I don't think I've even met anyone that tiny.  I suppose you could eke out another couple of inches by taking tiny seams and decreasing the darts, but with the best will in the world it would NEVER fit me.  So, if you are a skinny minnie and will make this dress and are prepared to post a picture, it's yours.  (In the unlikely event that there are two of you out there that fit the criteria - I'll do names out of the hat!)

Skinny Minnie - Bill Haley and The Comets


  1. in my dreams, oh well never mind

  2. Well that's me counted out then....

  3. I have a 30 inch bust! Never thought that would come in useful... And I've been wanting to make a shirt-dress for ages!

  4. It's my size, too! I've always felt leftout in vintage pattern giveaways due to size but this one happens to be perfect!!! Thank you for such a great giveaway :D

  5. Ooh that's my size too :-) One of my motivations for sewing is the difficulty of getting RTW to fit. What a gorgeous pattern, I would love to make it please (and also pose for pics in the style of the gals on the packet!). Love vintage!!!

  6. That's my size exactly, and what lovely fabric! I would very much like to have a go at making it :)