Sunday, 23 February 2014


Re the previous post - Angie was delighted with the embroidered picture I gave her - and I discovered that the reason for her 'lighthouse obsession' is because both her Dad and her grandfather were lighthouse keepers.  Can't be many of those about.

Thanks to Roisin, aka Dolly Clackett, whose inspirational blog on her plethora of handmade frocks (where DOES she put them all??),  I was compelled to send for this pattern - the Emery dress by Christine Haynes
I found a UK supplier here.  And of course, while I was perusing,  I couldn't buy the pattern without buying some fabric.  (It's not a rule of their shop you understand, just good economics - by getting two lots of fabric I avoided the postal charge.  Well, it makes sense to me.
The fabrics are even lovelier in real life than they looked in the pictures -

I realise that a dress with little Russian dolls all over it isn't really very age-appropriate but I like it, so maybe I'll make something a little bit more sensible with it.  Or maybe not.  Watch this space.

And the winner of the giveaway?  Surprising there was more than one blogger who would fit into this little pattern - so names out of the hat, and the winner is .....  Lauren of Lady Sewalot - I look forward to seeing the dress on your blog sometime!
Although I only had one 'cut out and ready to sew' vintage dress, I also had some other tiny vintage patterns, so I drew another name - and the second winner is Alice of Moonbeam, so she'll be getting a couple of patterns that will never fit me!

Babooshka - Kate Bush

PS - I just found out that Babooshka is the name of the headscarf she wears, and not the doll, which is actually called a matryoshka doll
You learn something every day.


  1. Replies
    1. Well done Lauren, can you email me with your postal address and I'll post it out on Tuesday x

  2. Yippee!!! I must admit I was disappointed when I read another name but believe me my disappointment was short lived! thank you so much! my email address is Thanks again xx

    1. Well done too Alice, will email you for your postal address!

  3. Congratulations! I may have missed out but happy they're going to good homes and look forward to seeing that lovely fabric transformed :)

  4. Congratulations to Lauren. I love those fabrics... and I don't know what you mean by "age appropriate". Go on... make the dress!