Sunday, 12 August 2012


Haven't the Olympics been absolutely brilliant?  I'm not usually one for watching sport, but I haven't had anything else on the television since the Olympics started - I've watched sports I'd never heard of!  Everything about it has been fabulous, and all those doubters who thought we couldn't do it - you were SO  wrong.  And to the people who moaned about it costing too much money, I think it's been worth every penny.  The whole event has far exceeded most people's expectations, and it truly HAS been inclusive - even those of us that didn't get tickets and have watched it on the box have chatted about it and talked about our favourite bits.  (I have to say, a suprising number of the people (women) I've surveyed, seem to include Tom Daley in their Top Ten. Including my elderly neighbour Nora. Whilst watching the finals of the men's diving last night, Nora mentioned that she was "quite keen" on Tom, and her daughter pointed out that she IS now 97, to which Nora replied "I'm old, not dead!"  If that's not 'inclusive' - what is?

The politicians and sporting legends are now talking about the 2012 legacy, and the hope that Team GB's success will inspire others to participate more in sporting activities, which that would certainly be a good thing, given our ever expanding waistlines and couch potato lifestyles.

Anyway, David Cameron and Seb Coe, it's worked - we ARE inspired!  I was chatting to my parents on the phone about what activities they fancied taking up, with a view to competing at Rio in 2016.  My Mum (81) says she definitely fancies a go at dressage.  Not sure if she's ever ridden a horse before, but you don't know until you try, do you?
My Dad (84) is definitely going for cycling.  I was a bit concerned that he was going to go out and get himself a BMX, but he said he would prefer to keep his tyres on the ground, so it's the Velodrome for him.  Hopefully, with his sense of humour, he may be able to bring a smile to the face of the miserable bloke who rides at the front on a moped.
I wasn't immediately sure what to go for.  I considered swimming, because I can do at least 20 lengths of the pool.  But then I really don't like getting my face wet, and I'm a bit concerned that all that chlorine would take the colour out of my hair.
Definitely not boxing - I really don't think I'm up for punching someone repeatedly in the face.  Although on second thoughts, on occasions I have been sorely tempted .......

Then I realised EXACTLY the sport for me.  I've already got a huge supply of sequins, and more ribbon than you could shake a stick at.  It's the rhythmic gymnastics for me.

I've been practising, and I think I've already mastered walking into the lounge on tippy-toes with a haughty expression on my face. 
Rio - bring it on!

Rio - Duran Duran


  1. And there was me thinking that last photo was you... doh!I guess it's just walking for you and me then.

  2. It has been wonderful, just wish that for here in Oz it wasnt in the middle of the night. Watching the closing ceremony now fantastic.

  3. Lol, what a great post. Your neighbour sounds fabulous! The closing ceremony was fantastic, all that music :-) I've been at a bit of a loss today.

  4. Beach Volley ball for me, no wait minute no beach in Hitchin...oh well never mind.

  5. I thought I'd give the uneven bars a go, but I just can't find anyone willing to give me heave up to get me started!