Wednesday, 15 August 2012


If you read Gina's blog here, you'll know that she's signed up to take part in a sponsored Starlight Walk - ten miles starting at 11.30pm on 8th September, in aid of the Garden Hospice.  I was just about to sponsor her online, when I thought - I wish I was doing the walk!   Anyway, to cut a long story short, I spoke to Gina, who didn't mind me 'muscling in' so I've signed up to do it too.
In preparation, this morning I decided I'd better go for a walk.  Not just my usual, wander down into town, a lap of the charity shops and Waitrose, before staggering back up the hill with too much shopping, but a proper brisk, concentrated-effort type walk.  So I put on my trainers (which I ONLY ever wear for exercise purposes, I'm not generally a trainer-wearer) and black exercise leggings and tee shirt.  A glance in the full length mirror confirmed more 'over stuffed black pudding' than 'finely honed athlete' but never mind.  
I'll admit I did waiver a bit when I heard Noel Gallagher being interviewed on XFM - he can be quite funny - but I thought to myself "What would Jessica Ennis do?" and turned the radio off and set out, making sure that I had my phone  (you never know when you might need to call on the services of the air ambulance) and £5 in case I passed anywhere selling cake.  

I walked briskly for an hour, mostly along the towpath towards Ware, then over the bridge and back towards Hertford.  I did have to walk through a field of cows, and was a bit concerned in case I caused some kind of stampede, but they didn't even look up.  To be honest, I think by that time, I had worked up such a pace that I'd have just been a blur.  

I'm beginning to think I must be fitter than some of those Olympians - I certainly didn't throw up when I'd completed my exercise - although it was touch and go when I had to scrape something rather unsavoury from the treads of my trainers. That'll teach me to walk through a field of cows.  Actually, what gave me most cause for concern was the Police helicopter that appeared to be circling over my garden whilst I was scraping the nasty into my garden bin.  I thought, "Blimey, they're taking the whole 'No Animal Waste in the Brown Bin' thing a bit seriously"

Anyway, enough of my gruelling training schedule.  I forgot to show you this

Ages ago I promised my knitting friend Lucy that I'd make her a machine embroidered picture for her kitchen (which is to be redecorated with a teacup theme) as an exchange for a partially knitted denim jacket which she'd started ages ago and lost interest in.  Actually, when I say partly knitted, the only things it needed was one cuff, two pocket flaps and stitching up so I think I got a really good deal.  
For one reason or another, Lucy's picture has been on the back burner, but I did feel bad every time I wore the jacket, so I finally did a few practice pieces, and then I made it.  
In case you're interested in such things, I used a heavy calico as the base fabric, which I gesso'd for a bit of texture, then free machined the cups and saucers with black thread and the colour comes from some little scraps of Liberty fabric left over from Sarah's quilt.  Finished with a bit of vintage lace. 
Lucy seemed pleased with it, and at least I can wear the jacket now without feeling guilty.

Oh, in case you feel inclined to make a little donation to the Garden Hospice, you can sponsor me here

- but not if you've already sponsored Gina - you can think of us as a team.  Oooh! Team GG!

Walk - Foo Fighters


  1. Go girl! Love the teacups pic ... a fair swap indeed! M x

  2. Such a funny post :) All the best for your walk!I love the art you've created for your friend!

  3. Hey... Go team GG!!! You didn't tell me we would have to do a training walk through a field of cows though... can I have a piggy back? Love Lucy's picture.

  4. Love the picture. Good luck with the walk.

  5. Perhaps you could include some of your gymnastic moves into your walks? Perhaps over the styals?

  6. I'm sure there will be plenty more funny stories as you push yourself towards the peak of fitness for the walk!! Love the picture :)