Sunday, 6 May 2012

Last Chance Saloon

You might remember that a few weeks ago, my fellow knitters and I had a somewhat below-par restaurant experience in one of our local eateries.  You'd think, given the level of (non) service we received, that we'd have met somewhere else this week. But no, we decided to give it one last chance. Not least because the Manager was so apologetic last time, that he said he'd treat us to complimentary Bucks Fizz's the next time we went in. I have to say, I was a bit doubtful as to whether they'd materialise, but one amongst us was convinced he'd stand by his offer.  I hate to say "I told you so" ..... 
Not only did we not get Bucks Fizz, but they still couldn't manage to get the order right - and there were only three of us this time.  I won't bore you with the details, but the orders were wrong on several counts, when they did bring our food we had to wait a good five minutes for cutlery to arrive, and then to cap it all, they tried to overcharge us. We DEFINITELY won't be going there again.
That's it, whinge over, now on a much lovelier note, this week I received my fantastic one-off piece of artwork from my lovely friend Gina.  She is making 50 tiny books - to find out why, read here .  She has made over 30 so far, and they are all beautiful and so different (but mine's the best)

A unique little book of tattoo'd hearts, all bound in it's own fringed leather jacket.  I'm absolutely delighted with it!

I'm currently doing a 6 week course on bookmaking with Gina, and so yesterday, inspired by the course and not least, my precious heart book, I spent several hours having a go at making some myself.  NOT to Gina's standards, obviously, but I'm still learning ....
A blizzard book - with some slightly imprefect folding, so don't look TOO closely ..
A couple of triangle books

(slightly 'iffy ribbon, but it was all I had in my shed/studio and I couldn't be bothered to walk back up into the house, change my shoes and sort through my indoor supplies to find proper ribbon.
A concertina book (more unsuitable ribbon)

And finally a book, that probably isn't really a book - it's got folded up square 'compartments' rather than pages

All covered with handpainted and printed paper.  I can't believe how long ago I painted some of it - one sheet had my previous surname on the reverse, which I left behind over 15 years ago!  No wonder I've got so much 'stuff', I seem to save it all for best.

I should really have been doing my Spectrum homework, but I had a lovely time making books instead!
Last Chance Saloon - The Happy Refugees


  1. So instead of looking through all my books on making books I should be making books. They are lovely. Love the Gina specialstill waiting on mine, its going to be a surprise. No definitely not going back to said eatery. See you at mine next time , hopefully the service might be a little better.

  2. So pleased you like your book... my favourite too! Can't believe the service you got at knitting on Friday. I managed to knit a pair of socks on the journey to and from Dundee. Love the books... and who cares about Spectrum homework... infant school stuff apparently!

  3. That book is so you. Such a shame about your knitting group.Hope your having a great weekend.