Friday, 18 May 2012

About Your Dress

Sorry, bit of a blog break - I've been away in Shropshire on a fantastic course with Ruth Issett and Bobby Britnell - but I'll have to tell you all about that in another post - blogger is too slow this evening and I'm too impatient to sit here.
But I did want to recommend that if you are at all interested in such things - do try and visit the V&A for their new exhibition, opening tomorrow.  I went to the Members Preview Day today, with my friends Gina and Jill

The exhibition is to celebrate the opening of the newly renovated Fashion galleries, and there are dozens of beautiful ballgowns and evening dresses displayed.
 It's a fantastic exhibition, and provoked lots of discussion about which ones we liked best.  Some of the more outrageous dresses appear to be more a case of the designer 'showing off' than trying to make the wearer look fab, and I think the general consensus is that the simple dresses look more stunning.  Although Gina was frighteningly drawn to a full length rubber evening dress. 
If I was to offer any construction criticism, I'd like to make two suggestions. Firstly, it would have been good to see more (and bigger) photographs of the dresses being worn by their owners - they always looked better on real women than they did on the mannequins. 
And my second suggestion?  A grown up dressing up box!  (But no rubber, thanks very much.)

About Your Dress - The Maccabees


  1. It was a lovely day out and a super exhibition... even more frighteningly though I have found the photo of me in the purple PVC dress I mentioned. Now... do I dare blog about it?

  2. Surely you don't mean the same Gina that likes knitting, baking & stitching?