Thursday, 22 December 2011


Exciting news!  
Whoever would have thought that I'd be spending Christmas with James Martin - who I'm guessing must be most girls' idea of near perfection - a handsome young man, comfortably off, with a lovely house in Yorkshire, several flash cars and fast motorbikes, and able to rustle up a sticky toffee pudding, or a rhubarb crumble without too much fuss.  
He's probably no good at DIY, but you can't have everything.

Sadly we are only spending Christmas together on my book shelf .......
courtesy of a drawing of me, by my some-time watercolour art teacher and friend, Christine Spence,  which she has very kindly made into a Christmas card for me.
and my other 'alternative' Christmas card, painted by my friend Jill, who is still one of Chris' students (as you can see, she's a miles better artist than me - which is why I've more or less given up painting and decided to stick to stitching instead)
It's so lovely to have a card that's not only handmade, but made just especially for me, so thank you girls xx

As you know, cooking isn't one of my particular accomplishments either. Consequently I bought the Christmas cake, but I HAVE marzipaned and iced it myself, and I think it looks pretty.  (Blogger doesn't like the word 'marzipaned' - could it be that it's not really a verb???)
Anyway, in case I don't get to speak to you again before the festivities,  I hope you all have a lovely Christmas wherever you are, and whoever you're with.  And if you are spending it with your family - then treasure them xxx  

James - Camera Obscura


  1. That cake looks very prefessional. I hope you enjoy your Christmas Gill. I'll be thinking of you. x
    p.s. I'll be spending Christmas with James Martin too... Stewart's son!

  2. You make such a handsome pair ;)

    Hope you manage to have an enjoyable Christmas. Thinking of you xx

  3. Gill just caught up on your previous posts, what can I say. I'll be thinking of you and your family this Christmas. Miriam x

  4. Lovely cake. Have a great Christmas.

  5. The cake looks gorgeous Gill and your bookshelf is looking particularly lovely :o)

    Hope you enjoy your Christmas. I will be thinking of you too

    Carolyn xx

  6. LOVE the painting and the card. So special. There's nothing wrong with marzipaned...maybe needs another 'n'!! You should be pround. all the best for 2012! Moira