Saturday, 26 November 2011

Box O' Chocolates

If you've been with me for a while, you may remember that in Christmas 2008 I had a box of felt chocolates made for me by my lovely sister.
She had seen a picture of them in a magazine, and although she asked Father Christmas for a book with instructions on how to make them, she couldn't wait for that to arrive, so she fiddled around with little bits of felt and tiny stitches, and devised her own patterns - and very beautiful the results are too.
I took them along to my (then) City and Guilds group, where they were much admired.  So much so, that at Angela's request, and despite never having taught before, my sis went along to Art and Stitch and took the class.
I'm sure you'll understand then, that Linda was very much in my thoughts as I drove to the last meeting of the Young Embroiderers' for this year, where we were going to show the girls how to stitch a little box of chocolates, to maybe give as a handmade Christmas present.  The girls excelled themselves -
(and THESE photos were stolen directly from Gina - but she said it was ok)
I thought that our Young Embroiderers would enjoy making them, but I was really impressed by how enthusiastic they were - and how they kept coming up with new ideas for their next chocolate, while they were still stitching the last one.  
So I really hope that somehow, somewhere,  Linda is aware that today, indirectly, she kept 12 little girls (and four bigger ones!) thoroughly engrossed and entertained for hours.
Thanks sis xx

Box O' Chocolates - Three Black Eyes


  1. They've turned out beautifully. What a lovely legacy your sister left for those young girls! Hugs to you xx

  2. I hope it was a day of happy memories Gill. It felt good to be passing on something that Linda had taught us... and every single one of those girls did us proud.

  3. Must have been very hard for you but at the same time comforting.
    Kirsty and I did that class with
    Linda and needless to say Kirsty has gone on to make many choccies for her friends. So yes Linda ,Thank you, whever you are...

  4. I remember the class with happy memories. I've still got my chocolates and they look as good as the day Linda made them.
    It looks like Saturday went very well and Linda woud be proud of you.

  5. Those chocs really do look good enough to eat and lovely to think that they will be around for many many years to come!