Thursday, 25 August 2011

If You Wanna

Several months ago, despite it not being a work day, I set the alarm, made a cuppa, and settled myself in front of the computer.  I opened four separate ticket agency sites, and continually switched from one to another, for about half an hour, until finally I got to the front of the queue - and success!
I must admit that these days, just before a gig, I begin to wonder why I bother.  There's the hassle of getting there -  going by train, with the possibility of a bus replacement service on the way home, or fighting my way through the traffic and finding somewhere to park, followed by a struggle to get on an overcrowded tube.
But then, as soon as I walk into the venue, I'm so glad I'm there.  A mass gathering of diverse individuals,  surprisingly wide range of ages, all ready for a great night of loud twangy guitars and thumping drums.  And finally the band comes on stage, and the music starts.  You can feel the music through the soles of your feet and vibrating in your chest, and I remember EXACTLY why I go to gigs - music is always best when it's live.
Having first seen The Vaccines on Jools Holland in November - I pre-ordered the album and it's been playing non-stop since it was released in March - so I was really looking forward to this night.  It fulfilled all expectations - a brilliant gig.  With short snappy songs and raw thrashy guitars, they've been compared to the Ramones, but that's definitely no bad thing.  Apparently this time last year they played a pub gig to an entirely empty house in Nottingham - but on Tuesday there were 2000 people, ALL singing the words back to them, and  theirs is still the biggest selling album this year. 
So, the next time that someone asks me - "Do you want me to get you a ticket for ...........(insert name of suitably  loud indie rock band)"
Oh, yes please - I wanna.

If You Wanna - The Vaccines

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  1. Well......erm....I'm glad you enjoyed it. I would probably have had my fingers in my ears! Its an interesting read though and brings back memories of 'gig excitement.'