Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Pink Cadillac

Sorry it's been a while -  I spent ages posting this yesterday - bl***y Blogger said it had published but it hadn't.  So, as I've got to start again from scratch, this will be an abridged version.  Since we last spoke, I visited the Prism exhibition at the Mall Galleries, which I think was the best Prism I've seen - lots of things I really loved.  I didn't take any pictures, but if you couldn't make the exhibition and would like to see what you missed, Angela has some pictures on here. I couldn't run to buying any of the exhibits, but I DID get tempted in the shop and bought this fab heart made by Wendy Green.
You can never have too many hearts.
After the exhibition, I had a bit of a wander, through Trafalgar Square - I haven't really kept up with the changing exhbits there, so I'm not sure if this is temporary or not
And then up Regent Street for a bit of shopping.  I didn't buy anything in this shop,  but I love the window display. 

I wonder what they will do with all those beautiful old sewing machines afterwards?
It was a lovely day, just a pity about getting my car towed away.

I've also had a few days with my folks in Norfolk.  And, as luck would have it Gina happened to be running a 'Tyvek flowers' workshop at my sister's patchwork group, The Flying Geese, so, passing myself off as her trusty assistant, I was able to go,  and  I made a flower, and a seed pod.
Everyone had a really enjoyable day, and there are photos of the other flowers produced here on Gina's blog.

No trip to Norfolk would be complete without a trip to Holt, for a bit of retro retail therapy in the charity and vintage shops.  I got some pretty treasures

The blue pot seems to have been hand thrown, as it has the name of the maker scratched into the surface. 
I wonder who Win is - I'd love to know.
I'd heard a lot about Holkham Beach, but I've never been there, so after I'd finishing shopping and browsing at Holt, I went for a walk there.  It was late afternoon, and most people had made their way home, but the sun was still shining, and, being Norfolk,  needless to say, the wind was still blowing.
Back to stitching, and since our textile group Spectrum, had a day working with the Embellisher, I've had a bit of a play and made a few bits and pieces.  It's a real bonus, not having to thread a needle or cope with shredding thread. These were made entirely on the embellisher, with the additional of a few french knots and beads.
Right, fingers crossed this attempt at posting works
Oh, and I lied about my car being towed away.  If that pink beauty was mine, I'd never ever leave it on it's own.  And I know it's not a Cadillac, but it's MY blog and I'll call it what I like.

Pink Cadillac - Bruce Springsteen


  1. Aaahhh Gill, shame about your car :-)
    Your heart is very nice. I never seem to find things as nice as you do in charity shops.
    Love the flower and seed head. I need to make some more.

  2. Very impressed by all your charity shop finds. I haven't had the heart to unravel my crochet doilies yet. I love that car... the colour is amazing!

  3. What an entertaining post, lots of lovely things to read about. I'm very impressed with your seed pod and the pretty embellished flowers.
    Not to say envious about your walk on the beach at Holkham!

  4. Love it all ... so glad you took the time to write it all again!!! Love the heart you bought and also your vintage finds and absolutely adore your silk flower and your embellished flowers ... wonderful!!

    Love xo

  5. Great to read all your news and catch up. I'm just the same with charity shops....there are always things you didn't know you needed! Your tyvek flower and pod are pretty...now what are you going to do with them?! Take care, M x

  6. Your pink Cadillac is so chic that it surely did catch much attention! Why was it towed? Did you park it at the wrong place? Or did it have an engine problem? Whatever the reason maybe, I hope that you were able to get it back right away.

    -Stelle Courney