Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bobby's Girl(s)

In my last post, I mentioned that I was on a four day Bobby Britnell Summer School at Art Van Go, called 'Locating and Abstracting'  It was a really brilliant four days, and we  used loads of different drawing and mixed media techniques, and artist research to work towards producing an individual textile work or a series of smaller pieces.
For a more 'in depth' explanation of the workshop - have a look at my post on the Art Van Go blog but I thought I'd show you some photos of the work that we produced between  over the four days. (There were ten other 'girls' as well as me)

The first one is mine - all the little sketches were produced from just one pebble (sorry about the poor lighting - couldn't take them outside as it was raining most of the time)

This next one is mine too - well, it would be - it's got hearts on it.  The blue to the left of the picture is fabric I painted with gesso and acrylic paint, which I'll use to make my finished piece.

 - and of course we all went away with sketchbooks stuffed full of ideas and technique to work on.
It was a fantastic way to spend four days - and as well as all the samples we produced, we also got the opportunity to see some of Bobby's work, which was really inspirational and something to aspire towards.  I'll show you my finished piece, as and when.

I'm off to see Ray Davies at the Royal Festival Hall tonight.  Not sure how I'll get home, as the tube drivers are going on strike this evening at 9pm - but it'll take more than Bob Crow to stop me going to see Ray.

Bobby's Girl - Susan Maughan 


  1. Amazing work from all of you... looking forward to the finished piece. Hope you get to see Ray up close....

  2. Love all the work, amazing. I need to start doing some art again. x

  3. fantastic work......did you have to walk????