Sunday, 6 March 2011

Pretty in Pink

In the last week I have been for a walk along the towpath beside the canal, just as the sun was going down
to a beautiful sunset
I've made a little box with free machining on metal,
And I've made another flower brooch, but this time, instead of using paper, I used some recycled plastic-y metallic ribbon, which I had saved from my Christmas presents, (much to some of my family's amusement.)
So, slightly less subtle that last weeks, but if you think the brooch is a bit lurid - you should see the pink cakes I made!
Oops, too late.
Pretty in Pink - The Psychedelic Furs


  1. Very pretty in pink (I loved the film of that name) Impressed by your metal box too!

  2. One of my favourite films of all time! I love the box and the brooch!

  3. Love the box, super idea.

  4. Box is brilliant, great technique and I love the brooch. Lucky you doing a workshop with Jill Flower. I love her work and often sit and drool over her website.

  5. Love your little brooch it's so you!

  6. the box is outstanding!! gorgeous...

  7. that's a sweet little box - pretty heart