Sunday, 27 February 2011

Personality Crisis.

I've had a great (and quite productive) week.  I think it must be because it seems as if Spring is on it's way.
Wednesday was the meeting of our embroidery group, and Gina showed us how to make handmade books, and I finished two - the colours are a bit naff, but it was just a practice.  
The bigger of the two is a hardback cover, and the small one has lots of little folded pockets.  As I say, the choice of colours leaves a bit to be desired, and the folded cover of the little book should really be in card rather than paper, but you get the general idea.
Then on Thursday, it was beading - at the moment I'm beading around sparkly rivolis with a view to connecting them together with other round elements and making them up into a necklace.  
On Friday I met my sister at Textiles in Focus where we had a lovely day.  We did a workshop called Mini Textile Masterpieces run by Bonnie Osbourne.  I came home and finished mine.
On Saturday it was another workshop - this time with the Embroiderers' Guild, tutored by Jill Flower.  It was brilliant - I've wanted to do a workshop with Jill since I first saw her work at the Knitting and Stitching Show a couple of years ago.  And, believe it or not, I finished one brooch while I was there -
and another was well on it's way and I finished it when I got home.  
There are lots more pictures of the brooches that everyone else made on Gina's blog.
The only slight problem, is that whenever I go on a workshop and make something new or learn a new technique, I want to spend the rest of my life devoted to doing whatever we learnt that day.  So, I've had a bit of a crisis of personality this week - one minute I'm a bookbinder, then I'm a jewellery maker, then I'm a minature artist.
Just so long as I don't become a cook.

Personality Crisis - New York Dolls


  1. Lovely to see all the spring flowers arriving,what a productive week you've had. Friday was great,thanks for your company. x

  2. You have had a very busy and productive week. I shall look forward to seeing the finished necklace.

  3. Blimey... you have been productive! I finished my second flower brooch and made a third today. Okay... I know I've got other things I should be doing.

  4. What a busy girl - I especially love the mini masterpieces, beautiful shades and teeny decorations.

  5. Oh Gill you can't be a cook - don't leave me on my own!
    Your little mini textiles are sooo cute, the brooches are great and your beading is sparkling. You can have a rest now :-)