Saturday, 7 November 2009

Vintage - and rock'n'roll!

I've had a lovely few days. On Wednesday it was our weekly knitting session at Baroosh in Hertford with friends. I think the other customers are beginning to get used to us now, and no longer think we've been temporarily released from a high security twilight home. Then a little peruse of the charity shops where I bought this....I always pick up the china I like the look of, and then turn it over and look at the maker's mark - like I know what I'm doing. In truth, I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking at - but they seem to do it on Antiques Roadshow.
On Wednesday evening I went to the Forum in Kentish Town and saw Wilco, who were really good - almost worth having to get the train home with a load of Jay-Z fans who had obviously been to his gig at Alexandra Palace. Takes all sorts, I guess.

On Friday, I sat for my friend's art group again. This group seem to be much more accomplished painters - there were no certainly no "hag-like" renditions this time, or maybe it's just that my new anti-ageing cream does what it says on the tin.

Then, as we were in the St Albans area, Jill and I "popped in" to Fleetvile Vintage Emporium. We had heard about it a few months ago, and imagined it to be a tiny shop, but it was huge and full of treasures. So much for "popping in" - we must have been in there for two hours. It's the sort of place where you can spend hours and still not see everything, and if you went back the following day you'd find something else you hadn't noticed before. I'm looking forward to the planned opening of the cafe - then we can spend all day there! I'll definitely be going back there again. I bought a beautiful black velvet jacket with cording detail on the sleeves - and these are some of my other treasures ...............

I love the green plastic woven bag - it can be my 'crochet' bag - or I may use it to take my lunch to work. Two pretty tins - one of which matches a smaller one I already have, a china "Brillo pad" pot and three cups that I hope my sister will make candles in -it's her new enterprise. I think they will look quite festive for that holiday that comes at the end of December (I'm not mentioning it yet). It'd be good if they could be scented too, sis - cinnamon and spice-y? Oh and I nearly forgot - a really pretty necklace - only six pounds, so probably not real diamonds.

Then on Friday evening, I went to see the Counterfeit Stones.

If you like the Stones, you really SHOULD go and see this band. I've seen them loads of times and it's always a brilliant night out - they are great musicians, but don't take themselves seriously and they always look as if they are having a really great time - which makes for a good gig.

Dare I say it, they are probably more fun than going to see the real thing - they play all the stuff you love; nothing "from our new album" plus, if you went to see the Stones they'd be a dot on the landscape about half a mile away. And of course, the tickets would be more than 15 quid. Recommended!


  1. I.m begining to feel under pressure to make the candles that I keep saying I will.

  2. must remember to take off mascara before reading you blog, unless I want that black-streaky, tears-of-laughter face look! love your writing (and your brillo pad pot!)and thanks for your kind words of encouragement.

  3. I soooo love that plate!!!!