Sunday, 29 November 2009

Come and Eat Cake!!

You may remember that last year a couple of my friends (Jill and Val) and I organised a Christmas Craft Fair in Hertford. We toyed with the idea of doing the same this year, but it took a lot of organising, and so instead, we have decided to hold a Coffee and Cake Craft Fair, at Val's house. We will be selling handmade knitted, stitched and painted pretties, and serving up coffee and cake. In fact, there will be ten, yes TEN, different kinds of cake. (You'll be ok, I'm only making three of them, and I'm quite happy to point out which ones I'm responsible for, for the benefit of those of you who don't fancy playing Russian Roulette.) We are donating all of the proceeds from the refreshments (did I mention that there will be ten different kinds of cake?) to a Breast Cancer charity.
Please come if you are anywhere near - I know the full address isn't on the poster, (we didn't want Val targetted by internet ne'er-do-wells) but email me at and I'll give you the full details. Hope to see you there.


  1. Wish I was free to come and play Russian Roulette with your cake! Hope it goes really well.

  2. Get you and your montage!
    I would love to come but along to this but... have sent you an email...x

  3. I forgot to ask... will there be any cake?

  4. Have you considered taking on line orders for your much acclaimed muffins? I'm sure they'll far outsell the competition :-)