Monday, 17 July 2017


I know its been ages - I had every intention of posting regularly for Me-MadeMay but that didn't happen and now its July.  (I did manage to wear Me Mades all through May, I just didn't get around to photographing or blogging)
In fact, I was thinking about packing up the blog altogether - I had lost my enthusiasm for blogging, I'm not sure if anyone ever reads it, and I've got more than enough things to occupy my time.
But then, this morning, I opened a parcel and it instantly inspired a post, so here I am.

Several months ago, a friend from my (then) local Embroiderers Guild said she had been clearing her loft and was I interested in some old dressmaking patterns.  Never one to refuse anything sewing related, I said "Yes please!" and she said she would get them to me via another friend.  I think that was about October/November time, but for various reasons, I wasn't able to meet up with the 'courier' friend until this weekend, when she handed over a large package. I didn't get a chance to open it yesterday as I found myself unexpectedly hosting two year old Grace's birthday party,  so spent the day shopping, cutting the grass, blowing up balloons, making sandwiches, pouring drinks, and cutting cake.  If that wasn't enough Grace, who had been given a beautiful pink pedal car from her Uncle Rob and Auntie Jess, picked me to be 'designated driver' so I ended up pushing her around what felt like half of North Norfolk, ('No, want to go THIS way Gilly!) until I finally convinced her we should turn around and go home, which meant that when everyone had gone all I did was slump in front of Poldark with more cake.

But this morning I was up with the sun, so I opened my parcel and I think I was more excited than Grace when she opened her presents yesterday

What a fabulous selection of patterns.  I think I must have fallen asleep because I had a dream ........
It was a balmy day (no, I do NOT mean barmy) and I was walking along a sun baked Hunstanton beach in my tiny bikini 
when suddenly from the opposite direction strolled a tall dark handsome gentleman - imagine a blend of George Clooney,  Ross Poldark and Noel Fielding with a hint of Jack Sparrow in his younger days.
We got chatting, and after a while he invited me out to dinner, meaning I could take the opportunity to wear my chic new lurex pants suit -
Then it was off to a nightclub to dance the night away ...
The next day we met up for lunch, followed by a spot of sightseeing
Anyway, to cut a very long story short, we lived happily ever after.

Anyway, back to the real world - there some really lovely patterns which I will definitely use (maybe NOT the bikini or the wedding gown though)

This is my very favourite - I love the neckline and the raglan sleeves and I think it would look good in a heavy jersey or maybe neoprene
I think I may have to adjust the length of this next one - or just wear it as a tunic -
 I've been looking for a pattern like this, but hadn't found one that was just right until now ...
 I'd definitely like to give these next ones a try

Val has added a note to this - that the neckline needs to be taking in before cutting it out, so I'll bear that in mind and I may decide to give the feather boa trim a miss too.

and I love this, just because it reminds me of one of the first garments I ever made in needlework classes at school - a bright orange polo neck blouse with set in sleeves and a zip at the back.  They say you should never go back ....
 Several shirtwaist dresses which are, as they say, very much 'on trend'

 And finally, because I realised that I don't possess a dressng gown ...

now you can see why I was so delighted - not just vintage paterns, but beautiful, wearable vintage patterns.  Not all in my size but some I like so much I may even have to learn how to pattern grade.

It just goes to show, when you are next having a declutter, don't throw anything out until you check whether anyone else wants your treasure.
So, on the off chance that anyone is looking to get rid of a Clooney/Poldark/Fielding lookalike, you know where I am.

Patterns - Band of Skulls


  1. No no don't stop blogging I love your posts. Great patterns.

  2. Wow, what a haul! You will have fun with that lot!

  3. Hi Gill no don't stop blogging I told Viv I always have a look feels like we are still in touch despite the years. Hope you are enjoying your new home and you are missed by Viv Denise and myself so if you ever fancy Leigh-on-Sea and the fabric shop we're your girls.

  4. How lovely to hear from you Sandra - I missed seeing you on Saturday but it was good to see Viv and the others. Not sure how often I'll get to Leigh now I'm further away, but maybe I'll book myself a break sometime next year - it's not like I NEED any more fabric but it'd be lovely to see you x !

  5. I read it! What a fabulous haul... I can just see you in a lurex pant suit!

  6. I love your story, I was living it - the patterns are fabulous. Keep on blogging.