Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Valentine's Day

Possibly inspired by Gina's 'year of new experiences' I spent the 14th Feb doing something I've never done before.
Don't get too excited - it involved buckets of cold water and mackerel guts - yes, I've been crabbing.
My friend Fiona and her family were in Norfolk for a couple of days, and I musseled muscled in on their break and joined them on the quayside at Wells.
We tried on Monday, but that first attempt was less than successful. It was as bitterly cold as a very cold plaice place, not helped by the fact that in my rush to get out that morning, I had inadvertently forgotten to take my coat. Plus the tide was out, so, other that a few little shrimps, it was pretty much a non starter.
We ended up going to Hunstanton and feeding money into the 2p machines, where for about a tenner, we managed to win a couple of plastic keyrings.  Bargain!

Anyway, not to be defeated, we went back early yesterday morning and to help with the process, I donned my lucky 'crabbing hat'
Anyway, whether it was the tide, or the hat, or the sunshine, or the fact that crabs hadn't already had their breakfast, it were much more successful trip and the boys were catching them at a rate of knots
So successful, in fact, that we had to go and invest in a bigger bucket ...
(I know there are only two in this bucket, but the water was a bit murky in the others.)

So, just one question - do you think my stylish dress sense has anything to do with my lack of valentine's post this year?
Valentine's Day - ABC


  1. I have never been crabbing, although I did go to Hunstanton a few weeks ago with my Dad. Crabbing looks fun.

  2. How could I have missed this post? Well I know why because I've not read anything in weeks. Just disappointed we didn't go crabbing... But maybe if that's your crabbing outfit it's just as well!

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