Friday, 18 December 2015

China in Your Hand

Last week we had our Creative Sanctuary 'works Christmas outing'!
Angela kept it a secret about where we were going, and all we knew was that it was going to be a creative evening.  Anyway, it turned out that she had arranged for us to go to Elly Wall, a local potter with a studio in her garden,  to make Christmas decorations.  It was a great evening - first of all Elly explained that we needed to roll out the clay as if it was pastry (like I've ever made pastry - but I think I must have seen it done sometime, because I soon got the idea), and then we pressed different textures into the clay, and used cutters and letter blocks, before glazing the final pieces.  We all agreed that it had been a fun thing to do and we'd really enjoyed ourselves.
I'm afraid there are no photographs of the event as my hands were too mucky, but I got a text today to say that the pieces had been fired and were ready to collect from the shop - so here's mine
I'm really pleased with them, and I plan to book some classes next year, to see if I can manage to make a pot or a mug.  Maybe I'll apply to the Great British Throw Down - although I'd get fed with with that bloke bursting into tears all the time.

China in Your Hand - T'Pau


  1. They are fabulous... Very professional looking. If you did the same thing in gingerbread you could eat them!

  2. They look fab! I'm jealous, I wish I'd been there. The courses look very enticing but I don't really need anything else to do!

  3. They look great - I love the star with the cut out!

  4. They look great - I love the star with the cut out!