Monday, 13 July 2015


She's arrived!  
My wonderful niece Sarah has just had the most beautiful baby girl.  
3 hours old
Grace Elizabeth Linda was born on 10th July - by coincidence, on Sarah's own birthday - what an amazing present!  Big BIG congratulations to Sarah and her husband Brendan.
I can't wait to go and see her and have a cuddle, especially as her Mum says she is 'adorably cuddleable'   (no, we're not sure if that's a real word either)
So, in addition to my great age, I am now a great aunt - and my parents are very proud Great grandparents for the first time.

I am hoping that I will still be fit enough when I'm about 74 or 75 to take her to her first gig - I took Sarah to see the Darkness at Wembley Arena in 2004 - no Westlife/Sugarbabes nonsense for us.

I just know how very delighted and proud and excited my sister Linda would have been at becoming a Nanny.
So, at risk of being sentimental, and just in case she does have Internet access where she is, this one's for you sis.

Grace - U2