Monday, 23 March 2015

Walking In The Sun

To take advantage of the Spring-like weather, I went walking with my friends Lynne and Libby last week.  We always have a lovely day, with much laughter, and cake, obviously - but it's always better with a bit of sunshine, and we certainly had that.
We started at Much Hadham, and did a circular walk of about 5.5 miles - and for once, we didn't get lost.
We walked along a pathway through the woods, which will soon be full of bluebells.  Lynne, who is much more observant than me, pointed out that the bluebells 'stitch' themselves through the dead leaves ........

I tried to take a selfie while we had a sit down halfway round to enjoy the sunshine and the view, but mostly the Lindt chocolates that Libby's husband had kindly tucked in her rucksack.  However, we all look so dreadful in the photo, that they'd never forgive me if I posted that, so here's the view instead
Although we didn't get lost, we did slightly deviate from the plan, so yet again we had to shimmy under a barbed wire fence.  

But the bonus was that we got to the children's playground before the kids got out of school, so we had the place to ourselves

I'm sure THAT wouldn't be allowed in the Ramblers.

Walking In The Sun - The Zombies


  1. Wonderful post - excellent pictures - you know when you've got a friend when they don't put on the terrible picture of the group selfie.