Saturday, 10 May 2014


I've made my first COCO ....
There are so many gorgeous versions of this dress out there - check them out HERE
I was particularly taken with this one 
Consequently, I ordered some Black and White Dogtooth Ponte Roma fabric from Minerva Crafts here . It's a lovely weight of fabric for this project - just the right amount of 'guts' (technical sewing term).  In fact the whole project went like a dream, no alterations to the pattern, apart from adding a few inches to the bottom (a concession to my height and age).  I wasn't sure which neckline I was going to do or whether I wanted pockets, but I cut the collar and the pockets out anyway.
I decided to go for the turtle neck, but the jury is still out on the pockets.  Anyway, after just a couple of hours sewing yesterday, I wore it today (pocketless) and I love it.  
Unfortunately, I forgot to get anyone to take a photo while I was out today, so I've had to resort to balancing my camera on the bookshelf and set the timer, hence the expression. 
I feel enough of an idiot posing on my own in my lounge, without smiling at a non-existent photographer.

CO-CO - Sweet


  1. It looks great! I'm waiting for the perfect knit to make one for me. Maybe one of the new Art Gallery Fabrics will do the trick when they release :)

  2. I'm sure there must be a photo of you wearing it in all the hundreds that were taken yesterday. It looks lovely... just a pity George wasn't there to see it!

  3. ooh lovely dress, right up my street.

  4. How cool and great job! Glad the fabric inspired you :)

  5. Looking good! You've opened my eyes to all the other brands of patterns - I had no idea they existed.

  6. Love the dress - you gorgeous in it - it really suits you.