Sunday, 2 June 2013

Then Came The Last Days of May

Ok, so I know it's now June, but I'm a bit behind, so here's the last few pictures to show I really stuck to the MeMadeMay Challenge - and I did wear something that I'd worn or refashioned, every single day.  There WERE some repeats, but I blame that mostly on the weather - I've got lots of summer dresses but it just wasn't warm enough to wear them. 
This was Tuesday's outfit - the Jalie crossover top, with a tube skirt made from some heavy stretch fabric I've had for ages, and with the left overs I made a little bow to pin on the top ...
Wednesday was spent waiting for a delivery, so didn't required any dressing up.  I forgot to take photos but I wore these,  a me-made t-shirt and my first pair of me-knitted socks
and jeans, obviously, but I didn't make those.
Thursday I went up to town to see In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion at the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace.  Worth a visit - especially if you are interested in textiles - a few costumes but mostly paintings with marvellous renditions of lace, beading, embroidery and fabrics.  How DO you paint velvet so it looks just like velvet?  On the way there we saw this guardsman striding out - it looked like he might be late for work, but somehow I doubt it.
Afterwards we walked the short distance to the Mall Galleries, to see the Liminal Exhibition by the Prism group of textile artists.  No photos I'm afraid as it wasn't allowed, but it was a really good exhibition even by Prism's high standards.  I loved some of the work, and even the bits I didn't were interesting.  
Anyway, I digress, I forgot to take a photo until I got home but I wore the me-made black spotty needlecord skirt
And finally, for the last day of May, when I was back in town to meet my mate, I wore a me-made purple Jalie crossover top.  The previous day it had rained on and off, and I got fed-up carrying an umbrella, so on Friday I took a Me-knitted and felted hat.  it didn't rain at all, and in fact was quite warm, but when we popped into M&S Cafe for a coffee (and cake - it's the law) I put it on for a quick photo
Later on we went to the Scream Gallery at the back of Oxford Street to see an exhibition of neon light art by Chris Bracey
I didn't think they would allow photos, but I asked, and surprisingly, they didn't mind

I really loved them, although I'm not sure they'd look their best in my little cluttered abode.  But if I lived in the right space, and had several thousand quid going spare, I'd definitely have this one
So that's it - May's over and I can go back to wearing my usual clothes.  Except that I'm not sure I completely will.  I've really enjoyed wearing things I've made, and if nothing else, it has made me want to stitch more garments.  Especially warmer ones.  
So thanks very much to Zoe for organising this - and for inspiring me to actually wear the things I make.

Going back to Wednesday's delivery- if you receive a text AND an email both stating "Your delivery has left the warehouse and will be with you between 7am and 12 noon", is it totally unreasonable to expect it to arrive in the morning.  No, I didn't think so either.  So, at ten past 12 (not being noted for my patience) I telephoned the number given in the email, and the girl who answered said "Oh, it's just a guideline, so that you know whether it's going to be a morning or an afternoon delivery"  I pointed out that it obviously wasn't going to be a morning delivery and she said "Well, it's just a guideline, it will be with you about 1-ish.  Probably."
It eventually arrived at 2.40pm.  So not much of a guideline then.
If my boss is reading this, I'll be in at 6am tomorrow.  But that's just a guideline.

Then Came The Last Days Of May - Blue Oyster Cult


  1. I've enjoyed seeing all the lovely things you've made. I want one of those neon signs too.

  2. Very impressive! I couldn't manage even a week of wearing me-made things. I should make more useful things, after all there's only so much wall space...