Friday, 7 September 2012


Yesterday I went to the Paralympics, to watch Athletics in the Olympic Stadium.  I can't begin to tell you what a brilliant day it was.  It was like being in a parallel Universe, where everyone is happy and friendly and just generally nice to one another.
The organisation was great, the layout of the Park was really well designed, the volunteers were cheerful, friendly and helpful to a man (and a woman), and if the toilets at music festivals were anywhere near as clean and queue-free as those at the Olympic Park, I'd book tickets for Glastonbury every year!  Even the sun shone all day.
We had fantastic seats, just 16 rows back from the track

and the atmosphere and the crowd were amazing - and we got to sing the National Anthem when David Weir won his second gold medal

After the morning session, we left the stadium and walked around the park
and admired the planting in the gardens
We went to Docklands and took the Emirates Airline cable car to Greenwich 
the views were breathtaking
and looked even more stunning after dark
The day was fabulous, and I am so SO pleased that I went
I was asked to complete an online survey about the event.  One of the questions asked me to sum up in three words how the whole Paralympic Experience had made me feel.  
My three words are not only a reflection on the whole day, but also summed up how I have felt every day that I've watched those incredible, amazing athletes - 
Proud, Humble and Inspired.
If I can't manage to walk ten miles on Saturday night - AND with a smile on my face - then I will be ashamed of myself.

HEROES - David Bowie


  1. What a fantastic experience! I've been watching the Paralympics everyday on TV and it has been just amazing! So inspirational!