Tuesday, 5 June 2012

God Save The Queen

Great gig at Hertford Corn Exchange last night - The Sex Pistols Experience, who were brilliant.  I saw them last year over the Royal Wedding weekend, and their return visit to Hertford was timed to coincide with the Jubilee weekend.  They not only sound great - but they really look the part too - Johnny Rotter has got John Lydon off to an absolute T.  It wasn't a huge audience, but all those who WERE there, clearly thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
In fact, to such an extent that 'Kid' Vicious, who usually snarls throughout the performance, seemed to be trying (and mostly failing) to suppress a grin most of the time.  I guess a couple of dozen geezers in their mid-fifties, pogo-ing like their lives depended on it, is bound to bring a smile to your face.  

At least with maturity the enthusiastic audience seemed to have learned to appreciate the value of money, so thankfully the amount of beer thrown was negligible.
Bit of a mistake to stand quite so close to the speaker, I am officially deaf this morning, but then, that always was the sign of a great night out. 

Plus excellent raucous support from The Blissetts, with Hertford's finest guitar tutor, Ed Brown, on bass.

That should be good for a free lesson.

God Save The Queen - The Sex Pistols