Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Small Print

I've actually achieved something today.  I got up early (before 7am - on a SUNDAY!) and had a go at making some jam jar pincushions.  Two very mini ones, and one not quite so mini. They are a bit of a complete copy of Gina's here although not NEARLY as neat as Gina's, but I guess practice makes perfect.
And then I went down to my studio and got on with some of my Spectrum homework, printing with blocks taken from my sketchbook.  First I used the print block that I'd made in class, using coreboard, double sided carpet tape and funky foam
And then a different image from my sketchbook, using a Pressprint (polystyrene) block
That represents about an hour's printing - and two hour's cleaning up. I still have to print them onto fabric and make a stitched piece.  
All in all, it's been a fairly productive week - on Thursday I went to the Stitch and Craft show at Olympia and did a two hour workshop to make a zipped and lined purse - a technique I really wanted to learn and I was pleased with how it turned out - I think I'll be making more of these
I've also had a big kitchen clearout, after it was painted on Wednesday.  Lots of stuff went to the charity shop, and these little chicken egg cups only escaped by the skin of their teeth
Oh, and on the theme of birds - how about this visitor to my shed yesterday -
I'm glad I wasn't in there - it sounds bad enough when pigeons are stomping about.  Anyway, that's it, I'm about to start stitching a skirt I cut out ages ago. If it turns out ok I'll show you next time.


  1. Crikey girl... slow down!!! Lovely prints and pin cushions.

  2. That's it...once the creative mojo hits you, you can't ignore it!
    I guess you're glad you didn't ignore it and turn over? LOL!
    The pincushions are great, with their own storage too.
    Like the simplicity of your prints too, versatile.

    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  3. Whatever you are on I want some....Last year at Olympia was pants, heard that this year really good
    - typical , should have gone. Well done.

  4. hi gill
    a very productive day!

  5. How could you even consider throwing out those egg cups? They are so cute.
    Me thinks you are creeping re homework. I still haven't made my printing block.What you have done looks excellent.

  6. You did a very interesting work with your prints. Very creative indeed and I love the purse. you are a multi talented lady.