Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Still Clearing.

Oh dear.  Clearing my sewing room in preparation for the decorator tomorrow is taking longer than I thought.   I could well be up all night.  Trouble is, with living in a small flat, there's nowhere to put anything when you clear a room out.
Incidentally - how many empty sketchbooks would be acceptable, and how many would amount to a serious addiction?


  1. Stop posting comments and get on with your clearing out. And
    I would suspect any more than one empty sketchbook could be classed as an extravagance if not an addiction :-)

  2. Bet I could match you on the sketchbooks... what are you doing on here by the way?

  3. Right you can both stop nagging now, I've done it!
    Gina, you count your stash of sketchbooks (only empty ones, mind)and I'll count mine, and whoever has most buys tea and cake when we go out x