Friday, 11 September 2009

A request for my readers

Popped into a Vintage Fair at the Corn Exchange on Saturday. Managed to resist buying any vintage frocks. Actually, not that difficult really, women must have been very tiny then - the only things I'd have fitted into would have been a sensible Crimplene button-through pinafore. Very attractive. My friend Jill, (who IS very tiny) bought a lovely vintage frock - and just in case her husband is reading this - what a bargain! Only 50p!!
Anyway, I saw this lovely plate. Don't know what I want it for but it's pretty and really WAS a bargain. I could use it for my tea - I'm living on jam sandwiches since I made (Yes, MADE) some blackberry and apple jam last Sunday. I think I probably cooked it for a little bit too long as it's a little on the 'firm' side - but I think I'd rather have that, than too runny so it drips off your toast. So how about that , for a bit of the old 'Domestic Goddess' then? And the same day, in a charity shop, I got this glass jar with a lid. Again - not sure what I wanted it for - I guess it would be good for sweeties, but if I had sweeties permanently on display, I'm not sure they would last very long. So I put it in the bathroom with some little heart shaped soaps in instead.
I've been working on my City and Guilds Project for the last few days. I've had all summer to do it, but typically, I've left it until the last minute - our classes start again on Wednesday. My first project is a hanging - and - can't remember if mentioned it before, but its made from recycled Financial Times newspapers, which I like to think of as "old-lady-knicker pink" The thinking being "recycling/credit crunch/time to tighten our belts" kind of idea. Here it is as a 'work in progress' I've still got to stitch on the straps and finish the padded coathanger from which to hang it. Which is where the 'request' comes in. What I'm after is a couple of old suspenders to finish it. Not new ones, but the old type with the rubber bits on, in pink. If any of my readers have elderly aunts/grandmothers who have sewing boxes, and they just happen to have a couple of suspenders knocking about - please could I have them?? I would be really grateful if you can spare them, and if so could you email me at
Let's just hope I don't get any 'seedy' correspondence as a result of my request!


  1. Your paper textile corset hanging is gorgeous and I know exactly what you mean by old lady knicker pink. When we bought our cottage every room was old lady knicker pink including the ceilings and the patio outside. It's only two or three shades away from "hearing aid beige" :o)

    btw, I forgot to tell you on my last comment that I tried my blackberry and apple jam with very mature chedder cheese ... oh wow ... won't lose any weight this week!


  2. Gill, that is so beautiful... very impressive.
    but sorry, i don't have any sussies. I will keep 'em peeled (my eyes, not my undies) when i am charity shopping and car boot delving. JPx

  3. I am impressed... very impressed by the homework. There could be some ticks next week! I would love to help you with the suspenders but how would I keep my stockings up????